DTG Professional Software - RIP software made simple

Choosing quality printer hardware is only half the equation, choosing a simple to use, colour managed RIP software will make your prints come to life. DTG Print Pro is the original direct to garment software specifically designed to automate the creation of white ink underbase and high-lights, preset templates and print queue management. DTG Print Pro offers features essential for professional grade reproduction of images onto textiles all within an intuitive simple to use application.

It’s template-managed interface allows you to simply drag and drop a design in place, apply a preset colour managed profile and output to print on all colour textiles. The seamless step and repeat print queue ensures that production run prints are repeatable time and again.

DTG Print Pro’s “Black Textile mode” recognises all black elements within a graphic file and will create the white layer as “shades and gradations” therefore eliminating the need to print black ink in the colour layer. This significantly reduces ink consumption, increases print speeds and results in an incredibly soft hand feel to the printed garment.


Colour Management  
  • DTG Professional RIP software is an ICC aware colour managed application
  • Uses embedded ICC profiles in the image files or assign default profile to RGB and CMYK images
  • Integrated CMM
  • Uses CIE L*A*B* as profile connection space
  • Supports D50 and D65 Illuminant for profile connection space
  Device Profiling  
  • Support colour profile generation for printing with white ink on coloured textile
  • Uses coloured textile background as an ink
  • Device linearization
  Ink Limiting  
  • Custom GCR/UCR settings
  • Intuitive grey balancing
  • Monitor calibration
  • Spectrophotometer support for profile creation (separate plug in tool)
  • Extended support for variable drop printing
  • Sophisticated dithering for highly smooth image output
  Image Handling  
  • Reads and writes BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, JPG, TGA and multi channel file formats TIFF and Photoshop
  • PSD file transparency support enabled
  • TWAIN compatible scanner/camera support
  • Memory management module for large image files
  • Versatile image adjustment with colour correction filters
  • Image transformation, crop, rotate, flip etc
  • Transparency generator tool
  Print Queue Manager  
  • Simultaneous RIP and print
  • RIP once print many
  • Job order changing, deleting, holding for production workflow enhancement
  Port Manager  
  • Support File, USB TCP/IP, parallel and serial port
  • Print through windows print queue both on local machine or network printer
  Garment Specific  
  • Automatic patented white underbase generator
  • Choke feature for white underbase
  • White highlight generator
  System Requirements  
  • O/S, Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor, Pentium III 450mhz or faster
  • RAM, 256 Mb (512 recommended)
  • Hard Disk, 20gb recommended