DTG Digital advanced digital textile printers Viper 2, DTG M2, DTG M4, DTG M6; and NEW Compress UV Printers

DTG Digital VIPER 2

The DTG Viper perfectly compliments existing embroidery/print/sign/home businesses. Engineered for durability, repeatable print accuracy, vibrancy and white ink reliability!

DTG Digital M2

The industrial Class DTG M2, engineered specifically for textile printing, delivers the industries most advanced print platform. It sets new standards for speed, versatility and profit opportunities.

DTG Digital M4

The DTG M4 Direct to Garment Inkjet printer delivers the industry’s most advanced print platform — engineered specifically for textile applications.

DTG Digital M6

Just released! The new and amazing 6-up garment printer from DTG Digital. Full vibrant colour on white garments. For high volume production - fast and reliable.

NEW Compress UV Printers

Compress UV LED technology is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV printer that provides cost-effective, on-demand colour printing for a multitude of substrates.

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DTG Viper, DTG M2, DTG M4, DTG M6 a range of direct to garment T shirt printers and inks from DTG Digital